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Youth Futsal Programs


Tuesdays technical training

Futsal San Diego
Technical training is focused on improving each technique of the game. Not just the primary technique but also all our multiples Brazilian skills and tricks available in our curriculum.  A lot of repetition to create muscle memory and, of course, corrections to avoid bad habits.
Learn technical soccer skills from certified Brazilian coaches with more than 30 years of playing experience.
We have seen so much improvement from our players, and we are also getting great feedback from parents.
2018, 2017 COURT 1 – 5:15PM TO 6:15PM
2016, 2015 COURT 2 – 5:15PM TO 6:30PM
2014, 2013 COURT 1 – 6:15PM TO 7:45PM
2012, 2011, 2010 COURT 2 – 6:15PM TO 7:45PM

Ginga 2018 2017/- 2016/2015

This is one of the most important futsal programs since is more focused on motor coordination and cognitive ability. Introducing the basic fundamentals like; reception, passing, controlling, dribbling, marking, while using more fun exercises to mainly develop love for the ball. In addition,  we go over the futsal rules.

2018, 2017 – 4:00PM TO 5:15PM
2016, 2015 – 4:00PM TO 5:30PM
Futsal San Diego

                        RACA 2014/2013

Image 10

This is another one of our futsal programs which is focused on motor coordination and cognitive ability. However, focused on older players than Ginga. Also introducing the great foundation skills such as: passing, controlling,  dribbling, defense, while using more creative exercises to mainly develop the love for futsal. We also go over the futsal rules.

2014, 2013 – 5:15PM TO 6:45PM

JOGA BONITO 2012 2011

The training is already more focused on a more refined technique, and I don’t forget the basics like first touch, passes. However, our goal is to improve the technique, stimulate dribbling, creativity and improving decision making skills. In addition, this futsal program is proved to create more unpredictable players. Moreover, elements like ball protection, strength of the passing, moving without the ball, and positioning without the ball.

2012, 2011 – 6:30PM TO 8:00PM

                   FUTEBOL ARTE 2010/2009/2008

SAMBA Thanksgiving Futsal Camp 2021

This is our advanced futsal program, which continue to focus on increases the love for soccer. In addition, each player knows already what to do before receiving the ball by thinking different scenarios on their head. The tactical part that futsal can really help is how to move without and with the ball, lose your marker, triangulations, and performing accurate passes with movement, defensive and offensive transition. Where and when and how to dribble, along with countless and more elaborate techniques.

2010, 2009, 2008 – 6:30PM TO 8:00PM

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